Leafy Tales Good Luck Air purifying Golden Money (Neon shade Leaves) Plant inYellow Smiley Pot (Ceramic)


  • Golden Money plant with wide neon green leaves. The money plant is believed to be a good luck plant.
  • NASA approved air-purifying plant. Money Plant is just not a money catcher, it also, cleanses the harmful toxins present in the air.
  • You can even place them on your study table, work station, living room, bathroom, kitchen wherever you want because this plant is not that easy to kill. 4. These grow both indoor and outdoor.
  • Don’t forget to water it well but again it should not be fully soaked in water. Follow 2162 rule.
    2 Days- Water, 1 Week- Morning sunlight, 6 Months- Manure, 2 Year- repotting
  • Comes with pot and potted in cocopeat.
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As per popular belief, a Money Plant is a money-making machine. By placing a money plant at home, one can gain financial prosperity. It is also called devil’s vine or devil’s ivy because it is almost impossible to kill and it stays green even when kept in the dark. This Money Plant demands an adequate amount of water in its initial days. So, when you have got a fresh new Money Plant – don’t forget to water it well but again it should not be fully soaked in water. In comparison to other household or indoor plants, the longevity or survival rate of a Money Plant is high. Another fun fact about this plant is that it cleanses the home environment by removing toxins.