Hydropnic Balls


Clean, no dust, no pest, inert and hygienic and do not stain flooring if spilled

Makes the plants in pots to look attractive.

Mainly used for indoor containers and flower boxes, Bonsai Cultivation, Aquarium, Roof garden, Green vegetables cultivation

Made from 100% natural clay, extremely stable in both pH and EC, Can be used in all seasons.

Non Toxic Environmental Friendly Products.

Has high water Adsorption Capacity and can hold Water 50% more thus Reducing the Watering Cycle by 3 Times.

Has long life, high durability & can be reused.

Proper Drainage: if placed in the bottom of pots and flower boxes, it ensures proper drainage.

How to Use       

Spread over the soil surface as a mulch

Or place in the bottom of pots for drainage

For effective mulching, apply a 2-3 cm deep layer

Weight when packed    – 450 g

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