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LeafyTales gives a million reasons to join in, but the most powerful reason is the pride and satisfaction of working for the betterment of Nature & Environment. We believe in Think Green, Breathe Clean And Yes to Less Air Pollution.

Store Sales Executive

Job Id- Marketing-Sales Executive

Job Description
1. Front sale executive
2. Selling in store
3. Stock maintanence & receiving
4. Target based job

Job Responsibility
1. Attend customer in store
2. Sale products to customers
3. Maintain and manage stock at store
4. Stock receiving
5. Achieve monthly target

Retail Supervisor

Job Id- Marketing-Supervisor

Job Description
1. Handling stores under their allotted zone
2. Building and maintain relation with store managers
3. Store sales executive hiring
4. Helping sales executive to achieve target
5. Target based job

Job Responsibilities
1. Build and maintain relation with the store team of their zone
2. Co-Coordinating for stock details & deliveries
3. Handling promoters & helping them in achieving their target
4. Motivating sales executives for sale
5. Solving issues at their end


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